"Wing" Style Displays


Basic Wing Display (BWD-6022)

This heavy duty all tubular steel constructed Basic Wing

Display is extremely sturdy and highly functional.  Thick

gauge 2" x 2" top and bottom tubular steel horizontal

components will easily hold the weight of a full complement 

of 60 Boards.  The "slide-in" leaf design enables quick and

easy insertion and removal of boards.  Legs are equipped

with leveling bolts for added stability and strength.  The

wings can be made to accommodate a wide variety of board

sizes.  The 10-wing  unit accommodates up to 60 ea. boards

(with higher board capacities available by special order.)

These wing display racks ship ready for quick and easy

assembly.  A semi-gloss black powder coating provides a

durable and highly attractive finish.



Next Generation 2-Tier (XGI-6022)

The Next Generation Series Wing Displays

feature the same heavy duty tubular steel

design as the Basic model above, while adding

some additional height to increase showroom

presence.  The Next Generation Wing Display is

typically between 80" and 85" tall.  Wooden

header and side panels are also added for even

greater visibility.  Like The Basic unit, the Next

Generation Wing Display can be customized to

your exact needs.  These highly versatile wing

displays can be made either in a 2-tier wing

design or a 3 tier wing design for added board

capacity and space efficiency.  The Next

Generation Wing Display ships in convenient

"knock-down" form allowing for greater

shipping efficiency and ease of storage.



Next Generation 3-Tier Wing Display (XGI-3Tier)

This One Can


Up To 108



Same great features of the 2-tier

Next Generation Wing Display

above, but  in 3-tier format.

Maximize floor space with this

highly versatile space saving

wing display.  Can be fitted

with up to 18 ea. 3-tier wings

to accommodate 108 boards!!




Uptown Classic  (UCI-6022)

Take Your Boards


The Uptown Classic Series is our latest

wing display model. Introduced in 2015,

this modern "open architecture" design is

a standout in any showroom.  Tubular steel

pedestal base and vaulted header canopy

serve to highlight this high end wing display.

Additional features are the wooden  back

frame panel section and brushed metallic

header sign with decorative hardware.  Same

ultra strong tubular steel framework and

"knock down" design for the ultimate in style

and convenience.  Take your high end tile

boards "uptown" with this stylish and

versatile wing display.




Some More "Classic" Styles...


Wedge Classic 5-Wing (WCI-30/5W)

Wedge Classic 10-Wing (WCI-60/10W)

 These "Classic" style wing displays will brighten up any showroom.  Choose either the eloquent 5-wing design for your special "designer" lines or the larger 10-wing version for greater versatility.  Arched wrap around header is available in a variety of materials including clear plexiglass, white Sintra or brushed metallic laminate.  A wide variety of powder coated finishes are available including silver metallic or semi-gloss black.  Packaged in "knock- down" format for ease of shipping and storage.




For More Of A "Modular" Style...


Modular 3-Tier (MOD-6022)

Our new "Modular" Style

Wing Display Featers:


  • Large Profile Tubular Steel Frame

  • Graphic Panel Style Header

  • Covered Platform Base

  • Black Wooden Frame Backer

  • Knock-Down Design

  • Quick Assembly





Model Approximate Proportions

70" Height x 55" Width x 21" Depth.

Shipping Wgt:  165 lbs.


80 - 85" Height x 60" Width x 24" Depth.

Shipping Wgt:  250 lbs.


85" Height x 60" Width x 24" Depth.

Shipping Wgt:  295 lbs.


85" Height x 60" Width x 26" Depth.

Shipping Wgt:  325 lbs.


85" Height x 54" Width x 26" Depth.

Shipping Wgt:  195 lbs.


85" Height x 70" Width x 26" Depth.

Shipping Wgt:  325 lbs.


85" Height x 55" Width x 26" Depth.

Shipping Wgt:  325 lbs.