"Classic Series" Swiveling Listello, Border & Trim Displays


  Classic Series - Wrought-Iron Model CL-64WI

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This beautiful "Wrought-Iron" steel Border/

Accent/Listello Display features a rich cherry

laminated pedestal base (8" tall) and matching

header.  The boards easily slide in and out of the

steel channel framework in a horizontal

(landscape) orientation.  Handsome scroll work

on the vertical uprights provide convenient

handles for the ultra smooth action swivel.  The

CL-64WI accommodates 64 ea. 6-3/4" x 14"

boards.  Welded steel construction for strength

and durability.  The semi-gloss black powder

coating provides the perfect complement to the

elegant wood grain.  Assembly is quick and easy.

The CL-64WI ships via FedEx, UPS, or by truck.

Model Proportions

80" H x 30" W x 30" D

Shipping Wgt:  160 lbs.


Classic Series - Wrought-Iron Model CL-64WI (Black Base & Header)

More economical version of the Cherry

Base/Header model above, but with 2" tall

black round swivel base and black double

sided wooden header.  Same exact steel

framework as the Cherry unit.  The Black

base/header unit stands about 6" shorter than

the Cherry base/header model due to the

lower profile black wooden swivel base.

Also comes with top steel scroll piece

(although not shown in the photo.)  Top scroll

piece is easily detachable.   The CL-64WI(B)

ships via FedEx, UPS, or by truck.

Model Proportions

74" H x 30" W x 30" D

Shipping Wgt:  140 lbs.


Classic Series - Wrought Iron Model CL-24WI

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These highly functional and versatile "Colonial

Style" swiveling board displays are made from

highly durable tubular and channel steel.  The 

CL-24WI can hold 24 ea. 22" x 22" boards.

Smooth, easy swivel action, even when completely

loaded.  Welded steel construction, and a

semi-gloss black powder coating assure years of

reliable service.  The swivel base comes fully

assembled.  The side panels assemble quickly and

easily with hardware supplied.  Ships via truck.

**Available Only By Special Order**

Model Proportions

70" H x 42" W x 42" D

Shipping Wgt:  150 lbs.


Classic Series - Rotating Panel Model CL-24SRP

(Shown With Wooden Swivel Base)

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This highly versatile swiveling steel Border/ Accent/Listello Display gives you the best of all worlds.  The 44" diameter black wooden (360 degree) swivel base enables effective placement anywhere in the showroom.  (The unit is also available without the wooden base, but still with the four rotating panels.)  Each of the four sides has 360 degree swivel for maximum board capacity.  Current model holds 24 ea. 25" x 25" boards.  In volume quantities, these wings can also be made to accommodate custom board sizes.  Assembly is quick and easy.  Ships via truck.


These Units Are Available By Special Order

& In Quantity With or Without The Wooden

Swivel Base.

Model Proportions

80" H x 44" W x 44" D

Shipping Wgt:  175 lbs.


Classic Series - Woodgrain Model CL-60WG

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This gorgeous Border/Accent/Listello Display features cherry

sides as well as a 3" tall matching swiveling cherry base.  The

unit accommodates a total of 60 ea.6-1/8" x 16-1/2" boards,

which angle toward the user at every level.  Special notched

boards (included with the unit) fit into slots in the display

wall, to provide every convenient insertion and removal.

Sure to light up any showroom, these captivating border

/accent/ listello displays are both space-saving and highly

functional.  Swivel action is extremely smooth and assembly

takes just minutes (requiring no special tools or hardware.) 

The CL-60WG ships via FedEx, UPS or by truck.

**Available Only By Special Order**

Model Proportions

82" H x 30" W x 30" D

 Shipping Wgt:  165 lbs.

Visible Bd. Height 4-1/2" Visible On Every Board
Usable Bd. Width 15-1/2" Visible Bd. Width